HelloI’m Crystal

A Welsh Marketing and Mindset coach, empowering women with heart centred businesses so they can make more impact in the world through the essence of who they are.

When I’m not coaching I manage a Digital Marketing team at a university and there’s nothing I love more than spending time with my daughter, family means everything to me!

My journey

I’ve had a career in marketing for most of my life, the past 18 years to be exact! I gained my marketing degree, secured a job as an intern and learnt everything I could. I worked my way up the ranks and managed creative marketing digital teams, but I always had a desire to do more…

Crystal Jukes Marketing and Mindset Coach

Rewind 5 years

I wanted to set up my own business and help others to have more impact in the world through marketing. The problem was I didn’t have the confidence and belief in myself to make it happen. I had all the ideas but couldn’t act. I feared being visible online, I compared myself to others in the industry, I couldn’t understand how I was unique enough to stand out.

I wanted the courage to follow my heart, but my limiting beliefs, fears and past experiences held me back.

Changing my mindset

A few years ago, I lost my beautiful mother to cancer and experiencing intense grief and loss I started searching for answers and did a lot of inner work. Something shifted in me and I knew I owed it to her to stop dimming my flame and to go out there and find my calling however uncomfortable I felt doing it.

I’d always had a desire to help people, I wanted to reconnect with myself, to discover my purpose and channel this energy into something that truly lit me up.

I discovered mindset coaching, this was a completely new phenomenon to me, but it sounded so promising that I decided to invest all my savings into a coaching programme.

Mindset coaching is magic, it can free you from beliefs, and fears that have kept you playing small so you connect with your true self.

For the first time in my life, I felt free, I understood how experiences in my childhood were holding me back in my adult life, I could make peace with these experiences, I was no longer defined by my stories but instead I could use them to propel me forward and create an identity that felt like my true self.

I began to learn everything I could, I enrolled on a yearlong course to become a certified coach, and gained my qualifications as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Mindset Coach, TimeLine Therapist and Hypnosis Practitioner.

Seeing how mindset work impacts my clients lights me up, it’s truly remarkable what you can do when you release beliefs and experiences that no longer serve you. You can be and do absolutely anything you desire when you put yourself in the right mindset.

Launching my business

So many women avoid marketing themselves due to sheer overwhelm and lack of confidence.


When you develop your brand from a place of absolute authenticity and love, this will seamlessly weave its way through everything you do – from the way you write a caption for social media to the delivery of your services. It must start with how you see yourself, how you embody your values and energetically attract those you love working with.

Are you ready?

When I qualified as a Mindset Coach, I knew I wanted to combine my knowledge of branding and marketing with powerful mindset work to help others like me.

Discovering the essence of who you are is integral to having more impact in the world and mindset work is fundamental to this.

I could give you all the practical marketing guidance in the world, but it won’t work unless you have the confidence and belief in yourself and your unique value.

Using different therapeutic modalities and mindset techniques you can lovingly reprogram your mind, so you can connect with yourself from a place of love, confidence, and absolute belief in who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Work with me

1:1 MarketingCoaching

Imagine feeling excited and confident about marketing yourself in a way that aligns with who you are. There is no overwhelm, you have clarity and know exactly what to do to reach the people who need you. Suddenly you’re making more impact, creating a tribe of people who love what you do, it’s effortless and it feels so good.

I see you, I’m here for you, your accountability partner, coach, and biggest fan. Let’s do this…

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